How to Preserve Your Newly Repaired Jewelry

Jewellery usually has sentimental and monetary value that should be preserved for the longest time possible. Prompt jewellry repair (in case of damage) helps to restore damaged jewellery. However, frequent repair may not be good for your jewellery. For instance, frequent heat exposure may damage some gemstones. It is therefore important for you to ensure that your newly repaired jewellery is not damaged again. This article discusses some things that you can do to protect your repaired jewellery from sustaining additional damage.

Know When to Remove It

Many people desire to keep some items of jewellery, such as wedding bands, on at all times. However, this may expose that jewellery to different sources of damage. For instance, the cleaning chemicals to which you expose that jewellery as you do household chores can damage that jewellery. You should therefore ensure that you remove your jewellery when you are going to perform any task that may expose it to abrasion or chemical attacks. For instance, don't wear your jewellery as you are going to swim or play a track or field sport.

Store It Correctly

Make sure that your jewellery pieces don't touch each other when you place them in your jewellery box. This is because some types of jewels, such as pearls and emeralds, can be easily scratched or damaged when they rub against other jewels, such as diamonds. You should also ensure that the storage environment of your jewels is free from acids. For instance, ensure that the box in which you store your jewels does not have any acid that may tarnish your jewels.

Keep the Jewellery Clean

You should have your jewellery cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, such as once a year. That professional cleaning will help to rid the jewellery of any accumulated substances, such as body sweat, that may gradually damage that jewellery. That professional will also advise you about the best way to clean your jewellery between the professional cleaning sessions. Those regular cleaning sessions are important because most jewels are porous and will trap different forms of dirt that can be harmful to the beauty and longevity of your jewellery.

When the inevitable happens and your jewellery is damaged, take it to an expert immediately. This prompt action will ensure that the repair cost is affordable because you will not have allowed many components of the jewellery, such as gems, to fall out from the damaged part.