3 Trends to Guide Your Purchase of an Engagement Ring

The perfect proposal entails many things. From choosing the best location to getting the timing right, a lot of consideration goes into the process. However, one part of the proposal that is the icing on the cake is the perfect ring for your potential spouse. Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting process. There are a myriad of designs and styles, not to mention an array of gemstones to choose from, that it can be overwhelming to pick the right one! Fortunately, you can start whittling down your options by deliberating on trends that will be best suited to your partner's personal style. If you want to make your decision easier, read the following three trends that can guide your purchase of an engagement ring.

1. Three-stone

One trend that is becoming a popular choice for a good number of people is choosing three gemstones for the setting of the ring. The three-stone trend is a favourite for a couple of reasons. For starters, if your partner likes different types of gemstones and you do not want to be limited to the traditional diamond, you can choose three different stones rather than one! Secondly, this type of setting has the symbolism of the present, the past and the future of your relationship. Therefore, if you want something that looks nice and has meaning, you could choose the three-stone trend when buying an engagement ring.

2. Art deco

Art deco has been an artistic trend that was birthed in the 20s but is still a popular style currently. Characterised by its focus on geometry, art deco is a great trend if your partner has a distinctively contemporary style. Art deco rings have sharp, angular lines and can be set with radiant stones that are sure to catch anybody's attention. Rather than choose a diamond, opt for unconventional engagement ring stones such as a sapphire or an emerald.

3. Halo

Halo rings are one of the most stunning options that you can choose for your proposal. The design is characterised by a stone set at the centre that is encircled with smaller stones that create the halo effect. While the feature precious stone will be appealing, the gemstone circle surrounding it will glimmer whenever the light catches it, making the entire setting dazzle. Furthermore, the encircling stones create the illusion of the feature stone being bigger than it is. Hence, if you are on a tight budget and want to impress your future spouse, going with the halo trend will be a great idea.

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