Why Offer Labret Ear Jewellery to Your Customers?

While labret piercings usually go on or around the mouth, you can buy this kind of jewellery for pierced ears as well. If you're looking to expand your inventory and to offer your customers something new, then this kind of jewellery is a good option.

How does labret ear jewellery work and why do people like it?

How Do Labret Ear Studs Work?

Standard ear studs go in from the front and fasten at the back. The decorative part of the jewellery is attached to the front of the post. You insert this post through to the back of the ear and fasten it at the back to secure the earring.

Labret jewellery works the other way around. You insert the post from the back of the ear to the front. The fastener is attached to the post while the decorative front is a separate piece. This piece usually screws on to the post once you've put it in your ear.

What Are the Advantages of Labret Ear Jewellery?

While traditional ear piercing jewellery works well, it doesn't suit everyone. Some people find it fiddly to put the fastener on at the back of the ear. This can be especially tricky if the earring fastens with a butterfly clip that needs to open and close slightly to hold the post in place.

You have to have a bit of manual dexterity to get this right. It can take some time to get the earring secured at just the right place so that it is tight enough to hold but doesn't pinch or put pressure on the ear. If people have mobility problems with their hands, like arthritis or rheumatism, then this becomes an even harder job. Plus, if you sleep with earrings in, then traditional fasteners can cause some problems. These fasteners can dig into your ear and head if you lie on the earrings. This can be uncomfortable enough to wake you up; butterfly clips that leave a bit of the post uncovered can hurt if you lie on them.

Labret jewellery is a lot easier to fix into place. You work from the back and attach the front of the earring separately. This may well feel a little less fiddly. You can also see what you are doing in a mirror which isn't possible with a back-fastening piece. Plus, the plug at the back of a labret earring is flat and smooth. It is much more comfortable to sleep on; you shouldn't even notice that it is there.

To see some examples of labret ear jewellery before making an order, contact ear piercing jewellery suppliers.